We are a creative young people team that love great design and produces innovative and fresh ideas, following the trends.
We started this new project, Creatink.com, offering our users young, dynamic and creative, trendy products, colorful
and originals.
Each month, our creative laboratory, offers new products and gadgets for real geeks. And new deals, of course!

Stay tuned!

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Creatink.com uses only 3M best quality material for our decals.
We have designed the decals with a special adhesive that leaves absolutely no residue when you remove it.
So go ahead, change decals to match your mood!
Who is Creatink Decal for?
It’s for anyone who wants to put a personal touch on his or her device, or add that extra layer of cool to the world’s coolest devices.
Change your mood? Have a new decal in your mind?
No sweat. Thanks to material we use, you can remove it easily so you can update your look at any time.
How to get the decal on your devices?
It couldn’t be simpler! Thanks to application tape system, no stress applied to the decal with precision. The only and best solution of its kind, suitable for beginners but also to all those who want a fast, easy way.
Why Creatink Decals?
Make your device easier to identify from your friends’ or family members’ add a fun, stylish.